Product Quality

Quality requires consistency.  Weights, measures, and quality assurance can all be facilitated with automated systems, including metal detection, continuous motion checkweighers, and x-ray systems. Product quality and safety are fundamental to every successful business. An extension of that quality assurance process is the proper labeling and coding of the container used to track and deliver the product. These methods include machine readable Bar Codes, QR Codes, or RFID tags, as well as graphics and labeling for retail use. We can supply the full range of resources to address your needs.

Metal Detector


Types : Metal Detection, Checkweighers,  X-Ray & Magnetic Separators

Inspection For : Contamination, Count, Damage, Weight & Volume



Formats : Bar & QR

Methods : Inkjet & Laser


Types : Printed On, Applied & RFID

Used For : Product, Packages, Cases, & Pallets